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EuroRibbons is the corporate business portal Gremio de Cinteros de España (Guild Ribbons)

The GREMIO DE CINTEROS is a professional association of manufacturers of narrow fabrics up to 30 cm in width, such as tapes, labels, badges, trimmings, ropes and other related services as well as textile trimmings and accessories, all forms of manufacturing and fiber classes or subjects, to represent its members before the agencies or entities, public and private, and managing and promoting their collective interests. 


The largest representation of companies involved in manufacturing and marketing of narrow fabrics, distributed throughout Spain, although predominantly located in Catalonia around Barcelona.


The aims of the Guild of Cintero are defending the corporate interests of their members and provide services for the efficient development of its industrial and commercial activity.


The Guild is one of the constituent associations of the Textile Federation Silk - FTS, with which it shares its Headquarters.

The FTS, in turn, is a founding member of the Confederation of Textile Industry - TEXFOR and one of the constituent employers Spanish Intertextile Council, the highest dome textile employer, which assumes the relations with the Spanish Government, Community Management, Central union, etc.

In addition, through the Spanish Intertextile Council, the Guild is part of EURATEX, maximum European textile employer, and the CEOE, the Spanish business employer.

Furthermore, all Guild members and other Associations constituents of the Textile Federation Silk are members of the Colegio del Arte Mayor de la Seda organization founded in 1533 that brings together the entire history of the textile guilds of silk.