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Clothing and haberdashery ribbons

satin, grossgrain, faya, stripes, organza,flags,printed, cotton, natural, waistbands, jacquard ribbons, labels, woven motifs, garment industry, haberdashery, packaging, stock service, personalized articles

Manufacturer Contact
Contact <br/> P.I. Pla de Sta. Anna. C/ Sakura, 6<br /> Sant Fruit&oacute;s de Bages &ndash; Barcelona<br /> SPAIN<br/><br/> Tel: 93.874.02.51<br /> Fax: 93.874.03.07<br /> E-mail: <a href=""></a><br/> Web: <a target="_blank" href=""></a>

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Manufacturer Data Sheet: PERRAMÓN & BADÍA, S.A.

Manufacturer Data Sheet: PERRAMÓN & BADÍA, S.A.

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