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A re-usable strap for materials handling applications

  • A re-usable strap for materials handling applications

LogiStrap®: a re-usable strap for materials handling applications in distribution centres, warehouses and closed loop pools to secure goods on pallets or secure pallet boxes, sleeve packs & folding large containers.
LogiStrap® is the largest product from the global leaders in fastening solutions, the Velcro Companies. The LogiStrap® is designed for our customers to meet their business targets; whether in terms of decreasing costs, reducing environmental impact, improving health and safety or overall efficiencies.

"Do you know how much you spend securing your goods on a pallet?"
- Let's say that you have 1.000 pallets in your warehouse and you move them ten times per year. Then you need to secure your goods on these pallets 10.000 times.
- Research shows that stretch wrapping of an euro pallet with a height of 1.70m creates material costs of 1.5 €.
- This means you spent per year 15.000 € - just for securing your goods.
- On top you produce 2 tonnes of film waste.
"Do you really want to go on spending so much money every year and create tonnes of waste?
The alternative is the new LogiStrap® from the Velcro Companies, helping you save money and protect the environment.

Manufacturer Contact
Contact <br/> Ctra./ Matar&oacute; a Granollers Km. 5.8<br/><br/> Tel: 93.758.32.98<br /> Fax: 93.758.32.86<br /> E-mail: <a href=""></a><br/> Web: <a target="_blank" href=""></a>


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