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Manufacturer Data Sheet: BIESES Y ELEMENTOS TEXTILES, S.A.

The firm Byetsa is specialized in the manufacture of bias bindings in all its types and ranges. We had a wide variety of articles and, together with our also wide range of colours allows us to offer a complete bias binding collection.

Besides, we also work with goods supplied by customers.

From the very beginning, Byetsa has been getting adapted to the market tendencies with a progressive mechanization and automatization of production processes. As a vanguard firm in the world of bias binding, we constantly develop new products and applications in order to satisfy “puntualment” the necessities of our customers and request of the market.

Thanks to this evolution and a complete computerization of the sections, we have achieved an optimum capacity of production. It allows us to offer a fast and professional service to all of our customers, from the industry sector as well as haberdashery clients. That’s why quality, experience and service are our biggest warranty.

Manufacturer Contact
Contact <br/>C/Artes,4<br/> Pol.Ind.Els Dolors<br/> 08243-MANRESA<br/> SPAIN<br/><br/> Tel: 93.874.40.98<br/> E-mail: <a href=""></a><br/> Web: <a target="_blank" href=""></a>

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