The showcase of all tapes "Made in Spain"

Bies ribbons

The entire range of bias tape for the consumer market, haberdashery, craft and gift. From basic to any fancy printed bias.Presented in rols and meters making up for the consumer market. All our products have a unique color coding.

Manufacturer Contact
Contact <br/> Pol. Ind. Sant Isidre<br /> Ctra. Manresa-Berga, km 1<br /> 08272 Sant Fruit&oacute;s de Bages -Barcelona-<br /> SPAIN<br/><br/> Tel: 93 877 10 01<br /> Fax: 93 877 22 23 <br /> Email: <a href=""></a><br/> Web: <a target="_blank" href=""></a>

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Manufacturer Data Sheet: SALVADOR FIGUERAS, S.A.

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